Headhunter - Open Racing

Season One - Week 4

This event will have an additional $300 applied from the ZED RUN community fund program.

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Week 4 - Headhunter
Headhunter is an Open Race event for horses registered across all tournaments this season.

In this event, you will score points for finishing first against the target stable in open racing. You will get 2 points for a paid win, and 1 point for a free win. The target stable will be announced prior to the event starting. The points will be allocated to your stable and not the horse.

Please take note of our rules, the winning stables will have all their races checked for foul play and any races that include more than one horse from your stable will be not be counted.

Payouts & Prizes
The top 6 stables on the leaderboard will be paid out. If there are any stables tied on points, they will split the prize for the positions they are take up. eg. if 6 horses all tied they would share the whole pot evenly.

This event has a prize pool of $300 from the ZED RUN community fund program.

Target Stable
The target stable for this week is 🕶 Shady Lane Stables 🕶

Shady has a wide range of horses across all classes and will be in paid and free races, hunt him down and take those wins!