Seasons Rules

  • The maximum races are only checked when you enter so it is fine if your horse goes over this limit during the week. The same applies to the maximum level initially, we will recheck this after the XP NFT system has been released.
  • If your horse wins a tournament, they will not be eligible to enter any more tournaments for the rest of the season. This is because they will have already made the Grand Final.
  • The tie breakers for horses on the same points in sit and go events will go by the following order:
    • Total 1st Places
    • Head to Head Record (if applicable)
    • Culmalative Time
  • Tied horses in the open race events will have the prize pool split between them for the position they are in. So if 2 horses are tied on 50 points at the top of the leaderboard, they will split the first and second place prize pool.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned from all future events and all your horses will be removed from the leaderboard and all events they have registered for. There will be no refunds.
  • Race Stacking, and other methods of gaming the race system will be classed as cheating. If you are unsure if something is allowed, please ask in the Discord.
  • If a race has more than one horse in from your stable, it will not be counted towards the leaderboard in the open race events.
  • Winning horses will have all their open races checked for any issues. If any issues are found, the horse will be removed from the leaderboard and the owner will be banned from future events. We will be checking for things such as race fixing, horses running outside of its DP, repeated races, and any other issues that may arise.
  • Any banned horses or stables will be announced publicly.
  • Only horses owned by you can be registered, horses that are borrowed must be registered by the owner.
  • Qualifiers will run in 6 horse races, if we do not have enough horses to fill the field, the remaining horses will be added by ZEDGE that will not be eligible to win the tournament.
  • If your horse qualifies for the grand final, you must keep the horse level below 525 before the finals or the next placed horse will be invited to the finals.

Weekly Tournaments

Each week will have 4 tournaments to enter which are level banded. Entering one of these tournaments will register your horse for the qualification races, and if it finishes in the top 12 on the leaderboard, it will progress to the group final. This is the main format for seasons and winning the group final will qualify your horse for the Grand Final in week 4.

Your horse will run 5 races on Friday around 20:00 UTC as part of qualifying, this will consume 5 stamina but not contribute to aging. This will produce the leaderboard and the top 12 horses progress to the Group Final on Sunday. There will be 3 races in the Group Final.

If your horse finishes bottom of the qualification, it will qualify for the Donkey Derby in week 4. This is a final week event that consists of the 12 horses that finished bottom in qualification.

Open Race Events

Each week has an Open Race event with its own leaderboard. By entering a tournament, you are automatically registered in the Open Race event. These events are standalone and have their own prize funds. The top 6 horses get a payout each week.

The Open Race events run between Monday and Friday. Your horse is eligible to earn points as soon as you enter a tournament.

There is an Open Race Event in week 4 that all horses that have entered any of the 12 tournaments are eligible to enter. In this week 4 event, the points are applied to the stable and the top 6 stables win prize money.

Entry Fee Breakdown

When entering a tournament, your entry fee is broken down as below.

  • 5% ZEDGE fee
  • 10% Grand Final Prize Pool
  • 10% Open Race Event Prize Pool
  • 75% Tournament Prize Pool

Payout Formats

We payout the top 6 positions in all of the Finals and Open Race Events.

  • First Place: 50% of event prize pool
  • Second Place: 20% of event prize pool
  • Third Place: 15% of event prize pool
  • Fourth Place: 7% of event prize pool
  • Fifth Place: 5% of event prize pool
  • Sixth Place: 3% of event prize pool