Beginner Stakes - Level 126-225

Season One - Week 1

This event will have an additional $100 applied from the ZED RUN community fund program.

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Horses are split in to fields of 6 by level and race in 6 gate races across 1000m, 1400m, 1800m, 2200m, and 2600m and are scored based on finish position. The top 12 horses qualify for the group finals.

Group Finals:
Horses race in 12 gate races across 1200m, 1800m, 2400m. The winning horse qualifies for the Grand Final, the top 6 horses in the final win prize money.

Your horse will run 5 custom races at a minimum on Friday. If your horse reaches the group finals it will run a total of 8 races this week. Races do not count towards aging.

BONUS Event - Level Up:
When you register, your horses level is stored. Race in open racing to level up your horse before the main event starts, but don't go over the entry limit or it won't count!

Registration opens on Monday and the Open Race event begins as soon as you have entered. The open race events run until the qualification races start on Friday (around 20:00 GMT), with the finals being streamed and ran on Sunday (around 20:00 GMT)

Entry Fees:
Your entry fee is split as follows. 5% ZEDGE fee, 10% Grand Final prize, 10% Open Race Event Prize, 75% Final Prize.



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