Level Up - Open Racing

Season One - Week 1

This event will have an additional $100 applied from the ZED RUN community fund program.

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Week 1 - Level Up
Level Up is an Open Race event for horses registered in this weeks tournaments.

In this event, you will score points for each level your horse gains in open racing from the moment it is registered, up until Friday at 20:00 UTC.

The catch? You can't go over the max level for the tournament you are registered in, or you will be disqualified from the leaderboard. This means you can enter a horse in to the event with enough room to gain some levels and have a chance at winning some ETH outside of the main sit and go tournament.

You can run in any type of races, it is all about gaining levels this week!

Payouts & Prizes
The top 6 horses on the leaderboard will be paid out. If there are any horses tied on points, they will split the prize for the positions they are take up. eg. if 6 horses all tied they would share the whole pot evenly.

10% of the entry fees for this week across all 4 tournaments will be applied to the prize pool for this event. In addition, there is also a $100 bonus prize from the ZED RUN community fund program.