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New Site FAQs

Where can I find the entire horse universe to sort/filter like the main tool in the old Zedge site?

The equivalent tool is called the ZEDGE Barn and can be found in the main menu under Tools or in the Home section of the members menu. Here's a link: Zedge Barn

Why did my horse's VAR go down (or up)?!

The VAR scale has changed in our metric overhaul so your horse very likely hasn't lost any VAR, it's just a new scale that spreads out the top and bottom end more drastically for clearer differences in VAR. We've also set the 0-100 scale for 3.0 outcome ranges and reserved 101-105 for the 1.0 outliers. These new VAR scores also match the raw meter per minute standard deviations (from 50-99) that drive the score. IE a 78 VAR is a horse with a 7.8 m/m SD. This makes for an easier cross check with other sites as well. For a deeper explanation on the metric update. Zedge Metric Update.

What's the deal with these new speed scores?

Our new speed scores are normalized speeds provided in meters per minute. Those using ZSIM will recognize them immediately. You see your horse's 50th (DU), 67th (T2), 84th (WTA), and 92nd (12h Win) percentile speeds throughout the site. We will be providing class thresholds to help compare your horse's speed to its peers to determine what racing formats are most viable/+ROI.

Why is nothing come up in the Performance Report?

The "groups" option in the performance report pulls groups of horses that have been tagged by the user. In order to have the report pull data, you'll first need to tag your horses in the My Stable page.

To Be Continued...